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"dreamlike the soul flies"

i am in such an amazingly good mood and i don't know why.
maybe cause it's friday?

i have contacts
and people have been telling me they look good
and even if they might just be saying that
it feels really great
and i actually feel pretty
and i keep looking at myself in the mirror
and i'm like "whoa, i look nice"
which i hardly evey felt when i wore glasses
so even if i'm not actually pretty
i feel that way
and i like how good i feel

plus i've gone to the gym all week
and used an elliptical for at least 50 minutes each day
and i feel healthy
except i'm also feeling kinda sick
so i'm taking the weekend off
and tomorrow we're going maple-sugaring
which i've been looking forward to since february

and today i had hot chocolate with elise
at this place on green street, l.a. burdick's
and it was amazing
i was on an elliptical for more than an hour today
(7.75 miles)
and even though i had the hot chocolate at like 4:30
and it's 7:30 now
and that's all i've had since lunch today
i'm still full.
it was the best thing i've ever had to drink.
i felt like a mayan or aztec goddess.
it was really rich, but not too rich
and had delicious earthy undertones.

i am just so happy right now.
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aww hannah you've always been pretty! it's just that now you can see your eye's better and clearer! but it's good that you're happy!

<3Mary Ann
hannns i lurrve you a lot. i need to hang out with you, you hot hottie!
i always see you in the halls and around, but im never really the way i am out of school
school is just silly, so i don't have much to talk about and im kind of boring...so moral of the story we need to hang out outside of school!
the hot chocolate is SO AMAZING there
your beautiful, and a cutie! :-)
love hannah
Haha hannah, I love you!

And Miss you!

And I'll let you know when I'm coming up.

What do moths taste like? ♥hehe, good times.
hannah darling, i love youuuuuuu SOOOOOOO MUCHHHH! and you are beautiful without (and with of course, :D) your glasses! ooh and i was just thinking it must be much easier now at track w/ your contacts! ahh anyways, i'm just sooo, so glad to hear such a happy entry from you! ahh, so we need to hang out sometime....ha, is this weekend still good? wwell, anyways, i suppose we can talk tomorrow at trackkkkkk! YAY! wow, i think your happiness is starting to rub off...;-)
that hot chocolate is amazing to the max
and you're BEAUTIFUL hannah!