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This is a JFB entry

Sigh. Updating because Bex needed me to in order to survive.


Woke up

Realized that along with my deodorant (disappeared yesterday), a picture I drew
and my REAL journal had disappeared.

Swore and spontaneously combusted. Anyone who reads my journal can immediatemy
guess the obect of my slight crush. Deadly ammunition for siblings.

Died (before siblings attacked me, and they haven't so far).

Watched Big Fish.

Found journal (under chair cushion - did not put it there, in fact, never brought it downstairs in the first place).

Came back to life, but worried for surprise attack in very near future.

Ate vegan muffins.

Went to library, having finally found overdue books.

Uhhhhhhhh, that's it.

Oh, and I got this track/cross-country stuff in the mail. Now I'm completely terrified, but I'm going to run anyway, once I get my practically-special-order shoes cause I have weird ankles and small feet.

That's my day. And will probably be like my summer life, unless I get my much-needed Veggie Day ASAP.

<333 Hannah

Yeah, and I've given my cousin Abby's husband Nate complete permission to marry her, even though they're already married, because at my other cousin's wedding, we were talking and Abby asked if I had a boyfriend (NO) and then Nate asked if I had a girlfriend (No, but you are so totally awesome for asking). They live in like Philadelphia.
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