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crazy converstain with my cousin

***edited to be easier to read***

skichickrm: so u wana hear a funny story??

sunnygirlhz: yes

skichickrm: so we went to grandma and aces house on friday and left sunday

skichickrm: and while we were there ace [my gandpa] declaired me a witch

sunnygirlhz: why?

skichickrm: bc i have witch in my blood

sunnygirlhz: what?

skichickrm: did u ever hear the storts about his mother and her jewlery and how they cursed his uncle max and then he died??? and i cuess u have to blood then too

sunnygirlhz: no . . . talk!!!!!!!

skichickrm: well i guess ace's mother would always curse her jewlery so that if she died befor her husband he wouldnt give her jewlery to his new wife. but she did and he married someone else and gave the jewlery and she dropped dead when comming out of the subway.

skichickrm: and then ace's mother was sitting in their kitchen with some other relative in nyc and from the kitchen u could see the street and his uncle max walked by and they werent getting along with uncle max so they cursed him and like 10 minutes later he got hit by a car. and they didnt like him cuz he was dating some woment that they didnt like

sunnygirlhz: weird

skichickrm: haha but u are too!!

sunnygirlhz: i am???

sunnygirlhz: weirder

skichickrm: yep

skichickrm: cuz ur a women from the same family

sunnygirlhz: true

skichickrm: u never heard thses stories?

sunnygirlhz: hmm, i have to start testing out my powers

skichickrm: haha yeah well ace told me to be careful with them

skichickrm: and then i realized that u would be too so i decided to warn u

sunnygirlhz: okay

<333 Hannah

P.S. I am sooo excited for the Relay. Be there!! Cause I'll make cookies and muffins and cake!!
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